Friday, June 27, 2008

Vanderpools Visit before Ricky's trip to Tiwan

These were some pictures we took with Ricky's parents and his sister, Stephanie when they came to visit. They came over about a week before Ricky left so Ricky and I could go to a hotel in the area for the night, get some quality time, just the two of us. I take getting out with Ricky without the children as a valuable time, as to now, we don't have that too often anymore, where we're actually getting to go to a movie or take a walk in the park. I love my kids, but I'm with them normally every day all day long. And let's just say it, they don't talk much yet, and that can get to you mentally when you're watching them all day long. I already understand Caleb so much better than 3 months ago though, it's amazing! Ava's vocabulary is already up to about 30 words and she tries to show me what she wants a lot by pointing or making motions with her hands. So it's def. getting better, but sometimes I just need some adult conversation. So, I'm just trying to say thank you Mom and Dad Vanderpool for coming and watching them so we could get our adult time together, Ricky and I.

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I just wanted to let you know that we have a new blog address, it just made things more organized for me. It is Just wanted to let you know!!

Thanks Ben and Amber Sessions

It is always nice to have just you two time huh?!