Sunday, December 15, 2013

Merry Christmas 2013

Merry Christmas! Love, The Vanderpools

Merry Christmas 2013
Hey everyone!  I am just updating our year here on the blog is all.  I wanted to first off, wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  I wanted to first thank God for all He has taught me and our family this year.  We are so blessed and He is teaching us to trust Him day by day.  We are so thankful for each one of you.  We really did not have the mentality last year to do this.  We were so blessed to have Anna home with us right before Christmas last year.  God has truly taught us some things about our priorities with the way she came and His miracles and healing. 
Ricky has done a lot of traveling this year for work, but thankfully he never has had to go for too long.  And he is done for the rest of the year.  We are so thankful for the new friends we have met, and the old ones where God has allowed us time to grow closer.  We also are very thankful for each moment we have together as a family, altogether.  We are tremendously grateful for each one of you that helped us in our family's time of need, it means so much to know that so many care about our family, our children, and truly wanted to help.  We were forever changed through that time in our family's life and God has helped us to be aware of how we want our priorities to be. 
Chelsea has started home schooling Caleb and Ava and is loving every minute.  There are some sacrifices involved, and are thankful for the support we have from friends and family in this endeavor.  We are truly touched by your love and prayers.  Caleb is in 2nd grade this year and is so great at Math and is loving to read now!  He celebrated his 8th birthday in June! Ava is in 1st grade and loves reading so much...she gets caught sometimes reading when she should be asleep for bed time.  She loves learning about animals, every single kind.  Ava celebrated her 6th birthday in January, we are so close to having a very grown up 7 year old!  We really love how mature Caleb and Ava are with Anna, and just are so humbled to see the love they each have for their little sister.  They are such big helpers and truly have a heart like Jesus. 
Anna is doing amazing with catching up after being born at 27 weeks 3 days.  You wouldn't even know she was a preemie now.  She is so healthy, happy and is just about all caught up.  She is crawling very fast!  She is loving baths, so cute, she loves to splash, and has the cutest smile!  She has four teeth now!  She was 21 lbs. at her last check-up, and cannot remember the exact length, but is on the chart for her ACTUAL age!  She is bigger than Caleb and Ava were at her age.  We celebrated her 1st birthday in October, and just celebrated with Grandparents and Aunts and Uncles.  We are so blessed by them.  She really is starting to show her personality now, and has just started giving kisses and standing up, already walking across furniture...only a matter of time!  She now shakes a lot when  you say dance, it is so cute.
Our children help teach us every day, and they truly are a gift from God.  We love being parents, and love our family.  We are most thankful for God's mercy and grace.  I'm so thankful for forgiveness, compassion, learning the importance of having a thankful heart.  And am so thankful for family and friends and those who want to spend time with me.  With some sacrifices made being a homeschool Mom now, I have learned just how precious a friend who wants to talk with me over lunch, and my favorite, when they want to talk about God and share what He's been doing in their life, brings me courage in my own walk with God.  It took not having it to realize just how important and vital it is to me.  I am so thankful for your thoughts, prayers, and so thankful God made you...each and every one of you.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
The Vanderpools

Monday, January 5, 2009

Picasa Web Album

I am in the process of uploading all of our pictures to picasa web album, I will be removing the videos, because they take up a lot of space, and be uploading them to my channel on youtube.  I hope that isn't too confusing, but I only have 1GB of space, and am already  maxed out without adding a year's worth of pictures in, so hopefully this will work, I may just have to take the older pictures offline in a few months also, so if you want copies of them, order soon.  The link to the album is embedded in the Title of this post.   Once I have the videos uploaded, I will be adding the youtube channel link on the links at the top of our blog page.
I will also be polling you on how long you would like me to keep the older pictures from 2006 and earlier up, then will just have  2007 to present up, until I max out space again.  So if you want to be heard on the pictures, vote!

Thanks and enjoy!

Ava is Turning 2!!!

Ava is turning 2, and her birthday is a week from today!  I cannot believe it!  I still remember when Caleb was just born, and now it's 3 and 1/2 years later.  It goes by way too quick.  We're going to celebrate her birthday the Saturday after her birthday though with friends and family.  Any ideas on what type of games 2 year olds would enjoy at our home, that easy and cheap and/or free?  Just post a comment if you know of any.  I was thinking of getting a cheap long white tablecloth, the paper kind though that the kids could draw on.  That's about all I have so far.  Thanks for any suggestions.  It will only be about 4 or 5 kids that are 2.  Something that's good for lots of adults being there too?  

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Our First Real Vacation since we became parents...

Is coming up in February.  We'll be staying for one week, we wanted to stay longer, but not really possible with Caleb's preschool and Ricky and I being in school.  We are going to visit my Grandma Turner, she has never met our kids yet.  They live in Las Vegas, and they've never flown before.  So just keep us in prayers for safe, as peaceful as it can be travel.  We are excited to visit her, and lots of other family will hopefully come visit us there, since we're a lot closer then when we're in NC.  We aren't planning to do a lot of driving once there, other than maybe one day just to go see Hoover Dam as a family, something Ricky wants us to do, and it sounds fun. Needless to say we are really excited. 

Monday, December 15, 2008

Turner Family Visit 2008

Well my three younger sisters came to visit us last weekend, Dec. 5-7th and it was so much fun.  Caleb and Ava loved all the attention on them, more than just I can give them.  And I loved having a break for a weekend, wow they helped so much, other than poopy diapers, but that's okay, Ricky helps do that :)  Saturday morning we all went to Ricky's basketball game that he coached, which turned out better than I would have expected with the kids.  Then that afternoon Ricky stayed home with the kids for their naps and I went out with Jocelyn, Brianna and Richelle and saw a matinee.  We saw "Twilight."  Okay movie for me, not a favorite, but my sisters loved it so much, this was their second time seeing it.  I don't see movies in theatres much anymore.  Then that night we went to see Christmas lights and had so much fun.  I'll post a few photos but you can see all of them on my Facebook account.  Caleb loved it so much because we rode on a little train to see the lights!
Mom and Dad then came on Sunday and met us at church, and they all came to church with us.  Afterwards, Ricky made us all Spaghetti, salad and garlic bread.  It was a lot of fun!

Decorating the Christmas Tree

It was actually very fun this year decorating the Christmas tree because Caleb could help and enjoyed it so much.  Ava didn't now how to hang them up yet, but does know how to take them off.  But she does love looking at the tree and the lights on the tree.  Here's a few pictures, if you'd like to see more you can go here.

Santa Pictures

Our trip to go see Santa Claus and waiting in line.  I'll upload the picture of them with Santa when I find a scanner and upload it, hopefully that will be soon, but not sure.

Wow, it's been a long time....

Okay, so it has been a long time.  But this was my first semester back to school since 2003, so it's a lot to get used to, along with being a Mother now.  I just finished my last final Sat. evening and thought I'd try to update you on our family.  
So what we've been up to by each indivdual:

Ricky--Has been hard at work with IBM and Strayer.  He also is the Basketball coach now for the highschool boys youth from our church.  He is loving it, but it does take a lot of time.  I think he likes it a lot though.  He also has been amazing with the chores around the house ever since our 5th anniversary which was Nov. 7th.  Hard to believe it's already been 5 years.  I am amazed with how he finds time to help me as much as he does now at home.  Going to school part-time, and work and daddy full-time, and now a basketball coach now too. He is defnitely keeping busy.

Chelsea--Just finished my first semester back to school at the college near our house.  I'm working towards my Medical Billing and Coding certificate, and if all goes well should receive it after Summer '09 semester.  Then hopefully plan to continue for my 2 year degree and finish in 2010, we'll see how that goes.  I have been trying to potty train Caleb, which was working okay for awhile, but now he's starting to fight even trying, so that's a struggle in itself.  Ava was going for about a month too, but she decided to stop.  In a way I'm glad, because it's hard to potty train both of them at the same time.  I also have been struggling on new recipes to make for Caleb with his allergies, I found a new recipe book, and so far he's eaten a little of one of three recipes I've made for him.  Now I'm getting caught up during my break on the blog, and finishing up some things for Christmas.

Caleb--Has been going to our church Preschool, which was hard for me at first, but I know it is really good for him.  And he has an amazing teacher, that he loves, and now talks about his friends all the time now.  He loves his trains and cars still and don't know if he'll ever stop, but it is cute.  He has progressed so much from when he first started school in August.  He will read letters to us, and is right about 90% of the time.  He thinks capital i's are l's, but he is just amazing his Mom and Dad.  He understands Christmas this year, which will be fun.  He will be in a Christmas play this coming week for preschool, which is exciting.  I can understand him so much better and he is learning so many new things from going to school.  So many things I wouldn't be able to teach him at home with chores, school and Ava.

Ava--Has been saying sentences consistently now.  I think we know for sure now that she favors Daddy over Mommy, but that's a good thing I guess.  She has grown so much this year, and her hair is getting a lot longer and curlier.  She loves getting tickled and playing with "Caweb"  (how she pronounces Caleb's name).

Both Ava and Caleb saw Santa Claus this year, and they loved it.  Before I even got Caleb on Santa's lap he looked at Santa, smiled and said CARS.  We got pictures because they asked we didn't take our own pictures.  As soon as we find somewhere to scan it, I'll upload it.  
We also just had my 3 younger sisters visit for the weekend and then my Mom and Dad came Sunday and they loved the attention, and I enjoyed all the help, it felt like a break for me.  It was wonderful!

I think that's about it in a nutshell with what's been going on since my last post!

Pictures if you want to see here

Friday, June 27, 2008

Vanderpools Visit before Ricky's trip to Tiwan

These were some pictures we took with Ricky's parents and his sister, Stephanie when they came to visit. They came over about a week before Ricky left so Ricky and I could go to a hotel in the area for the night, get some quality time, just the two of us. I take getting out with Ricky without the children as a valuable time, as to now, we don't have that too often anymore, where we're actually getting to go to a movie or take a walk in the park. I love my kids, but I'm with them normally every day all day long. And let's just say it, they don't talk much yet, and that can get to you mentally when you're watching them all day long. I already understand Caleb so much better than 3 months ago though, it's amazing! Ava's vocabulary is already up to about 30 words and she tries to show me what she wants a lot by pointing or making motions with her hands. So it's def. getting better, but sometimes I just need some adult conversation. So, I'm just trying to say thank you Mom and Dad Vanderpool for coming and watching them so we could get our adult time together, Ricky and I.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy Father's Day

We celebrated Father's Day a little early before Ricky left for Tiwan. We got him a motorcycle cover for his new used motorcycle. He was worried about Caleb putting rocks in the muffler while he was gone and various other reasons, but that was the main one. We still are giving him his card and some paintings Caleb and Ava painted for him when he gets back, I will add those later on.

Talking to Grandma Vanderpool

So, this is a really cute video of the kids when talking to Grandma Vanderpool. I think they really like the way she talks, you'll just have to watch the video. And this is also the first time, believe it or not, we actually got the first time of Ava calling her "Mamama"---not a fake "first" for video. So it's really sweet. Also, notice how Ava has a bowl and spoon. Well, this is her favorite thing to play with when we're in the playroom. She goes to the little play kitchen and pretends to mix the food and then feeds it to one of her stuffed animals, or to me. Caleb also is a little obsessed with the camera in this one at first.

Happy Birthday Caleb

We love you Caleb!!! Happy 3rd birthday! You are a sweet boy! Love Mom, Dad and Ava!
Sorry I didn't get to actually post on his actual birthday, which was June 15, but we are really not celebrating it until Ricky gets home. So I'll post again with pictures of his gifts. He got a card from his great grandma and grandpa Potter, a card from Great Grandma Turner and a car and play camera from Grandma Vanderpool. We love him so much.
He and Ava have recently gotten excited about painting with paintbrushes now, as I went and got some basic paint with paintbrushes for them to paint a picture for Daddy. Well now, Caleb has been painting every day since. It's so cute. Ava too! I'll make another post with some pictures and possibly video, I'll see if it will let me upload tonight.